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What of Juho Tastula, The person and his doings

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Hello chaps! I’m an Architect from Finland and I do also other random assignments I find delightful. On this site you’ll find some of the stuff I have myself deemed to be most memorable along my unprofessional and professional journey.

Currently I’m employed at UKI Architects conducting some sort of designing of buildings and also related random stuff where my previous workmanship is useful. My previous workmanship has been obtained mostly by being on advertising agency for about eight years doing all sort of stuff from graphic design to actual advertisement manufacturing and installations. Also I randomly try to have photographing as a hobby.

I’m also actually graduated Architect from University of Oulu School of Architecture. So I have that going on which is nice…

Currently I’m involved in these kinds of claims

I’m rather good with photoshopping / I can sport Archicad if necessary / Autodesk Revit is already a bit too familiar for my own good / I can provide ease of mind to customer and the printer with my InDesign layouts / I know how to tackle Illustrators bizarre clipping masks etc. / When missing with Blender sometimes I amaze myself and feel like a Wizard and sometimes I just feel stupid and clueless / I like WordPress / I have decent Pentax DSLR system with lenses, anybody who argues are just using the wrong brand / I edit and catalogs with Adobe lightroom and can’t understand people who manage without / Autodesk Fusion, yeah I have modeled something to 3d-print with it / I can hold a pen (real or digital) but my style is quite specific / I play also games… But I cant see what use that’s in here…